theme park

After the worst ride accident ever, a veteran amusement park detective and his eager protégé probe the bizarre nether realms of Super-Duper Mega-Marine Coaster World -- where mascots and killer whales have axes to grind, the head of publc relations is holed up in Rapunzel's Tower with hostages and a rifle, and the park's deepest secrets refuse to stay buried.

Climb aboard a wild one-man, 11-character ride; a dark comedy that's got more twists than a Corkscrew Coaster.

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Edmonton Fringe Festival -- Aug. 11 to 21, 2011

Acacia Hall -- 10433 83rd Avenue

  •    TUES -- Aug 16 -- 2:30 pm
  •    WEDS -- Aug 17 -- 4:15 pm
  •    THURS - Aug 18 -- 12:15 pm
  •    FRI  -- Aug 19 -- 9:45 pm

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news and reviews

"Three and a half stars!--Edmonton journal "

"This black comedy’s entire 11-person cast is portrayed with gusto by San Francisco’s David Jacobson, who gives each person the motivation and mannerisms needed to convince us they’re separate individuals.
"He resists the temptation to break character and include the audience in the satiric structure we can all see him creating, which makes the joke even better as bodies continue to pile up"
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Feature article in The Gateway, University of Alberta newspaper.

San Francisco Bay Guardian

"RECOMMENDED ... Filled with imaginative details and characters... gets points for chutzpah."
Toronto's NOW magazine

Audience Reviews from the Edmonton Fringe Festival

"Theme Park gets 5 stars -- but ya gotta be seriously sick and twisted to love it as much as we did!" (on twitter)

"Theme Park is a funny, creepy and oh-so-disturbing look at the steamy underbelly of theme parks. David Jacobson portrays about 15 characters and does so pretty convincingly right down to the uber-creepy Mr. Squid (too many tentacles, so little time)." (on Facebook)

Audience Reviews from the San Francisco Fringe Festival:

"Where does this stuff come from? An unbelievable assault of brilliant writing & performance. Tender, sick, witty, visceral -- constantly shifting gears, as we chase along after the fun."

"Jacobson plays each character so vividly you feel you've seen a movie (and want the sequel). Dark quirky humor and a total one hour escape into a weird vivid world."

"David's ability to slip in and out of quirky yet poignant characters is brilliant. His writing is tight and clever…. If you have only one more Fringe show to see, make sure it is this one."

"Well, this is certainly different…. A delightfully twisted comedy, with surprising turns…. I was thoroughly entertained.

"Audience members were laughing about it even in the hallway afterward, and trading favorite lines and moments from this show.

"This is a non-stop frenzy of brilliantly conceived characters bursting forth before your eyes... a can't-catch-your-breath kaleidoscope. Who wouldn't want a behind-the-scenes view of the secret inner workings of Funland?"

"'Theme Park' is wicked-dark, hilarious and smart."

past performances


Edmonton Fringe Festival -- Aug. 11 to 21, 2011

Acacia Hall -- 10433 83rd Avenue

  •    FRI --  Aug 12 -- 6:00 pm
  •    SAT --  Aug 13 -- 10:30 pm
  •    SUN --  Aug 14 -- 8:00 pm

Toronto Fringe Festival: July 6 - July 17, 2011

Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace

The High Dive -- Oakland, CA -- June 18th -- SOLD OUT!

StageWerx Theater -- San Francisco, CA -- June 26th -- SOLD OUT!

2010 San Francisco Fringe Festival -- SOLD OUT!



  • Written and performed by

    David Jacobson

  • Toronto Stage Manager

    Megan Liley

  • Promotional Photography by

    Louis Pepin

  • Graphic Design by

    David Caggiano

  • Video Production by

    Ramblin' Bears!